Arik Air Baggage Ad

Arik Airlines Design Advertisement


Arik Air Baggage Ad

By: Arik Air Baggage Ad



Alignment is used a lot in this advertisement. The company aligns the photo focal point in the center of the page, along with a tagline and additional information text encasing the photo above and below in a center alignment. Then, the body/bulk text stays at a left alignment towards the bottom of the page.


The dark gray bars on the top and bottom of the page with a light gray to white gradient in the middle add a nice sense of subtle contrast. The warm colored text on the cool colored background are also contrast.


Wording is repeated to emphasize that this advertisement is talking about bags and baggage, including a picture of baggage in the center. The color is also repeated throughout the whole text.


The company’s logo is purple. All of the text is in the same color as the logo. The specific color of purple is also drawn from the picture with the two bags being the analogous color combination.



As shown, the above principles all contribute to making this advertisement’s design stand out. Color plays a big role in the overall design, being incorporated into multiple principles to provide contrast and repetition. The sleek design and framed border of blank space make the ad appealing and intriguing to the eye. The simple focal point photo also is a nice touch. A lot of information is conveyed in a very organized manner. It is a pleasant design to evaluate and look at.


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