The Hope of God’s Light – Magazine Spread

This magazine spread is a project for a Visual Communication class. I was tasked with creating a spread about an article from I chose to create my spread around LDS Second Counselor in the First Presidency Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s “The Hope in God’s Light” talk. President Uchtdorf gave this talk at the April 2013 semi-annual General Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. The article can be found at:

This is my magazine spread:

The Hope in God’s Light

The first page is the title / cover page. I used a light-hued color scheme of light turquoise blue, white, yellow, gray, and peach. The typography featured contrasts one another. Fonts used include: Brittanic Bold (sans serif), Minion Pro (sans serif), Myriad Pro (serif), and Broadway (script). The sans serif vs. serif fonts contrast one another, with a semi-script type font thrown in for the sub-headings to contrast everything else. Typography was further  played with by emphasizing the important words in the title with bigger font sizes and colors.

The text from the article is left-aligned with a two column layout. The title is right-aligned. I added text at the bottom with a continued page number to match the right alignment as well. The pictures and pull quote are all center-aligned.

The photos were taken by myself, to symbolize hope and God’s light.

Photo by Taylor Sexton (Personally Taken Photo)

The arms show the composition of leading lines, directing the eye down towards the hands, where the word “HOPE” can be seen.

Photo by Taylor Sexton (Personally Taken Photo)

The sun peaking through the trees before it sets behind the mountains and hills shows just how bright God’s light can be, as a symbol of hope and comfort to us.

This design and article message are directed towards the youth and young adults. So many times in life, social pressures and the stress to be good enough can leave teenagers especially feeling hopeless and alone. This message reminds them that they are not alone, and that there IS hope with God and his bright light! He is always with us, guiding us along the way. Never forget that.



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