Icon Set – Fruit Icons

The following is an Icon Set and separate icons created for a Visual Communication class. I was tasked with creating an icon set about any topic. The icons needed to be consistent in their design and each icon needed to clearly communicate a single message.

These are the 4 icons (icon set) I created using Adobe Illustrator:

Icon Set

Fruit Icon Set (All original work created by Taylor Sexton).


Target Audience

The target audience for these icons is fairly broad. I created these icons with bloggers and designers in mind. Bloggers could use these on their blogs for fruit pictures/icons. Designers could use these for icon needs. I wanted to create a simple design that flowed throughout the different icons. These are simple and colorful icons for fruits .

Design Analysis

By using Adobe Illustrator, I was able to create these simple icons. From the knowledge and skills I learned in my Visual Communication class I used the various tools Illustrator offers designers to create the different shapes that create the banana, orange, apple, and watermelon. I used my knowledge of color in design to choose the colors for each fruit. Instead of making a typical red apple, I made the apple green to balance the red watermelon next to it, and make use of warmer and cooler colors in my set. I had to play with different hues of colors to make the little details and colors on each fruit. I created a reflected light pattern on the banana and and the apple, but using a lighter hue of the yellow and green used for the respective colors of the fruits. I designed the orange and watermelon as slices taken from the inside of the fruit.


Creating these icons taught me a lot about design. I learned all about icons and found how often they are used in the computer design world. I learned how to use artboards to organize and save each icon. I hope these designs can be considered useful for fellow designers, and that they can be helpful for other beginners just getting into design like myself.



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