Creative Ad – Choose to Save the Ocean with Toilet Paper!

This is a creative ad I created for a Visual Communication design class. The assignment was to create a creative advertisement for a boring household or office product. I had to use symbolic or non-literal ideas and concepts, and make the ad  appealing and convincing to my target audience. I was given the product to make the ad around, as well  as the demographics of the target audience I had to appeal to.

My product was toilet paper. I decided to create an ad for a new brand of ocean and environment friendly toilet paper called “Clean Breeze”.

Here is the ad:

Creative Ad (Magazine)

Creative Ad (TV)


Target audience

My target audience is single females aged 65+ with their Associates Degree. Their income is between $60,000 – $89,000. Their media consumption and interests include magazines and TV, so I created ads for both platforms. This design is light on the eye, with more lightly hued colors, appealing to women. The colors are more neutral in color to match the tones of the ocean, but also to appeal to more mature women. Women of this demographic will appreciate the concept of helping the environment in a creative way.

Design Analysis

I created this ad around the photo of the toilet paper roll. It looks like a wave, so I created a toilet paper centered around being environmentally friendly to help the ocean water be cleaner and not contribute to more pollution. The toilet paper roll creates a type of leading line, which draws the eye into the headline, creating a smooth flow throughout the ad. Typography is used for all text that appears on the ad. The headline “Choose to Save the Ocean” is typed in different fonts with different weights, sizes, and colors. The word “ocean” is a lighter blue, just like the ocean water in the photo underneath. The words “to” and “the” are in the same color as the toilet paper brand logo, which comes from the dark blue on the hull of the boat in the logo. The text underneath the headline is also in the same dark blue for consistency. Types of fonts used are script, sans serif, and slab serif.


This creative ad is sending a message to the target audience to save the ocean, buy buying environmentally friendly and biodegradable toilet paper that won’t hurt our oceans. By calling the audience to action, it gives a sense of responsibility and  belonging that mature, single women will appreciate being a part of. I feel as if all aspects of design were blended throughout this ad in a simple way. Choose to Save the Ocean by buying Clean Breeze toilet paper!


Photography used:


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