Québec “Buckle Up” Ad Campaign – Slide Design / Analysis

This slide design is an assignment for a Visual Communication class. I was tasked with analyzing a company’s advertisement, and using the findings to create an additional ad that would fit the same campaign, then finishing off with making a slide presentation to explain the analysis and my findings.


Original Ad


New Ad Created By Myself


Target Audience

My target audience was primarily teenage drivers, but also included young adults who often forget to or choose not to wear a seat belt. This ad campaign sent the message that wearing seat belts saves lives, and lets your life continue on.

Design Analysis

Slide Design

I analyzed the color and typography of this ad campaign, then used the findings to recreate my new ad to be included.

The color in the original ad matched the seat belt, which I carried over into my new ad with a red seat belt to match the shirt. I used the same font category types to recreate my ad. The date is Book Antiqua, a serif font, with the logo and tag line in the corner in a sans serif font, Century Gothic, just like the original ad.



I hope this ad campaign reaches the audience is was created to reach. I hope it is a shocking ad that shows just how important a seat belt is! It literally saves lives. Don’t you want your life to keep going on? You don’t want it to stop at an early date because of not wearing a seat belt.



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